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Uh oh - seriously?

Yay! I made it to Rome. My luggage, not so much. It never got loaded onto the plane in MSP. I felt a little stupid standing at the baggage carousel at FCO staring intensely at the empty conveyor belt. I stared for a little longer than was probably appropriate, I guess it's the optimist in me. For some reason I wasn't worried or upset, eventually they would find it and deliver it to me at the Christian Brother's Generalate.

I'm thinking of this conference in Rome as a spiritual journey, and not having my "stuff" made me think about how Jesus' invited the disciples to give up all they owned and follow him. They didn't get to bring along their stuff, in fact Jesus told them to sell it and that in doing so, they would find their treasure. So I came to the Generalate empty handed and checked into my very simple room with two single beds and a Crucifix on the wall. Simple accommodations and losing my luggage is not nearly as dramatic as giving up all I own to follow Jesus, but it did make me pause to think about how God is calling me to the vocational ministry of Catholic education and how all you really need is a heart that is willing to follow Jesus. This understanding of vocation and call is so much a part of the Lasallian charism, which is summed up in often spoken acclamation "Live Jesus in Our Hearts"- Forever!

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