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Take a look at these pictures, both taken today on a street near St. Peter's Basilica. One picture was taken on one side of the street, the other picture taken directly across the street. I felt a little uncomfortable taking the pictures, but I did it anyway.

Resist the urge to over think these two pictures - it's simply what it is. It's not meant to make anyone feel guilty, or to make a political statement or to make a judgment. It is what it is. The questions is, what does it mean to you? Here's my thoughts on what it means to me.

What struck me is that the side of the road that I would feel most comfortable being on is with the couple having a nice lunch at the table. In fact, that could easily have been me in the picture, it has been me. My question for reflection is not whether I should walk over and put 20 Euros in the guy's cup (I only put 2 Euros), but rather the question is about how I live the values that I believe. Do I work for justice? Do I walk with those who are the most vulnerable? Do I stand with those who are pushed to the margins?

St. John Baptist de La Salle gave up all he owned to provide a faith-based education to the poor. I think he'd be on the side of the road with the guy with the dirty feet....and Jesus would be there too. Where am I?

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