I just made Minneapolis the capital of MN!

I think the Italian coffee went to my head. We did an icebreaker game after morning prayer. You've probably played Human Bingo - where you go around and meet people and ask them to sign on your Bingo card based on different descriptors. The squares said things like "Lives near the sea" or "Speaks more than one language", you get the idea. I got so excited about being helpful that I signed my name on the square that said "Lives in a capital city". The woman from England said "oh, you live in St Paul!". Uh....opppss, I live in Minneapolis. Yeah, so St Paul is the capital of Minnesota, not Minneapolis. Dumb mistake on my part, but I wonder if it reveals how at times we can fool ourselves into thinking that our place, our time, our experience is the center, the capital. Our challenge is to expand our thinking to recognize that there is so much beyond what we see and experience on a daily basis.

Being in the room this morning with just over sixty people from thirty-five different countries, officially speaking three different languages was humbling. Brother Paco challenged us to not let language be a barrier during our time together. Yes, we all have headphones with translators working hard to translate in real time, but our connection goes beyond a specific language. The Lasallian network is international, it's global, and while we might each speak a particular language, the real connection is our shared commitment to the mission and ministry of "educating the young, especially the poor".

English, Spanish and French are the three official languages.

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