Heading to Rome!

It's about 3pm on Saturday, Oct 12 and I'm leaving for the airport in Minneapolis at around 4:30pm. I'm all packed, which was an interesting experience, and I'm just sitting here watching the clock. It was just over a year ago that Brother Larry, who was then the Visitor of the Midwest District, called me and said my name came up as a good candidate to attend an international Formation experience with a group of Lasallians from around the world. He said it would be two weeks in Rome, next October. He went on to explain what the group would be doing and described the nature of the work, but truth be told I didn't hear a word he said after "two weeks in Rome, next October." I pulled it together enough to tell him that I was very interested and excited about the opportunity, but I would have to check with the President of our school to make sure it was okay to be gone in October. For us school people, traveling during the school year is rare and being gone for two weeks is highly unusual for a principal. ` Before I talked to him I had to go back and figure out exactly what the whole deal was about, and when I explained it to him his immediate response was "you have to go!" So - here I am, waiting until it's time to go to the airport. Nine minutes to write this entry -- my how time flies!! Stay tuned.

Ok so here's a quick update --- I was so worried about getting to MSP on time and now I'm here and my flight doesn't board for another hour! Going to do some people watching and chat it up in my best Minnesotan accent.

Arrived early at MSP.....hurry up and wait!

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