Back in Minnesota! My flight left Rome at 6:30am which meant I had to leave the Generalate at 3:30am! I thought that was a little too early, but everybody said it was a good idea. Turns out that the "check your luggage" desk didn't even open until 4am so when I got there, there wasn't much a line. Although - at right around 4am the line got super long and then I was glad I got their early.

I flew from Rome to Amsterdam, and then had a six hour layover. I got tons of steps in at the Amsterdam airport, and did a lot of people watching. Then finally boarded my plane from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. It was about 8 1/2 hours, and I watched two movies so the time went pretty quickly .

I was very happy to see my husband! When we got home I sat down on the couch in our family room, the one that has a recliner and before I knew it, I was sleeping! My husband took the picture....of course.

I'll write more soon - but for now I need to catch up on my sleep and get ready for school tomorrow!

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