Doors to the Sanctuary.


St. Benilde! This is in the main entry of the Generalate.


Right outside Brother Bob's office!


The front door mat!


Windows in the marble staircase hallway.


Me and DeLaSalle....we're friends!


One of the hallways at the Generalate


Beautiful flowers at the Mother House.


A Mary Grotto on the grounds in Rome.


Love the greenery!

hum...doesn't quite fit my image of Rome!

The "Winter Chapel" at the Generalate.

A corner window -beautiful.

The Founder with Adrian Nyel in Reims. (Well, the picture on the wall that is)

My Profile Pic

yes....professional photo...

In the halls of BSM

Meeting with BSM Senior High students

Commencement 2019

Speaking at Commencement 2019

Benilde-St. Margaret's

Benilde-St. Margaret's

Commencement 2019

Congratulations Seniors!

Red Knights

Go Red Knights!

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"There are two ways to see the world, one is as if there are no miracles, the other is as if everything is a miracle." This is one of my favorite quotes, its attributed to Albert Einstein.   This is the kind of thing I care about, having the eyes of faith has enriched my life in so many ways! 


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